Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have my birth time?

If you don't have your birth time, you can find it on your birth certificate. If you cannot find your birth certificate or your birth certificate does not have your birth time, you can contact the hospital you were born in and ask for them to search their records.

Without a birth time, your reading will not be as in depth because a birth time adds a 3rd dimension to your reading that allows for more insights into all areas of your life however a reading can still be done.

Can I ask ANY question?

Yes you can. I use many different interpretations of your chart to be able to look at the question you are answering in many different approaches.
I also have many different reading options for specific things such as money, relationships, and career so I anticipate the questions you ask during those readings are on the topic of the reading. However, ethically I will not be answering any questions relative to death predictions.

What can I expect my reading to be like?

The readings I give are always personalized to the client. If you come with an open and receiving energy and are willing to work on the deeper themes that may come up, I will intuitively be able to dig deeper with you. As I am an in-depth astrologer you can expect us to go quite deep on certain themes. I am not adverse to many of the darker more taboo topics as I find them quite important to address within our individualized healing process.