Birth Chart Reading - Pre Recorded

This is an initial consultation and is highly recommended for all first time clients/students.

In Person Consultation available within Chicagoland area.

This reading will be a 1 hour private YouTube Video that will be sent to you via email.

This reading is sent to your email and will be a video you can revisit throughout your journey of growth as you feel guided to.

The following will be included:

  • *Personalized Energy Signature
  • Comprehensive Introduction to Astrology
  • Comprehensive Detailed Natal Chart Reading
  • 1 Hour Private YouTube Video
  • Access to more advanced Astrological Services.
  • 3 Card Oracle Card Reading (Optional Add-On)
  • Astrodice Reading (Optional Add-On)

*- A summary of your chart in 1 placement (i.e. Mars in Pisces in 10th house, Venus in Gemini in 8th house, Saturn in Taurus in 6th house)


If you would like to pay with Venmo/Cashapp/PayPal they are as follows :

Venmo: @brandonjramsey

Cashapp: $bramstrology


Email me at with any further questions.

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