Predictive Astrology Reading

*This reading is available after an initial consultation.

*A Solar Return Reading is highly recommended prior to booking this reading.

In Person Consultation available within Chicagoland area.

If you purchase a Solar Return reading prior to this reading, you will be given access to a discounted price for this service.

Predictive Reading includes the following:

  • Private 1 hour YouTube Video sent to your email
  • A YouTube link that does not expire as you are able to continuously revisit this reading.
  • Specific dates of peaks in energies throughout the 3 month period.
  • Explanations of those peaks in energies and how they may manifest for you specifically
  • Explanation of any retrogrades that may be occurring within the 3 month period and how that energy may manifest for you
  • Discount code for 3 month private coaching program

I will be sending out the 3 month predictive reading at the start/end of the calendar month to make it the simplest for you to follow.


*This reading will NOT incorporate any return charts and only the natal chart will be used.


If you would like to pay with Venmo/Cashapp/PayPal they are as follows :

Venmo: @brandonjramsey

Cashapp: $bramstrology


Email me at with any further questions.

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